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FAQs for Providers

What is the advantage of referring a patient to the Dallas CADT?

Who is a good candidate for the treatment center?

Who decides which treatment modality my patient receives?

Will I lose my patient to the Dallas CADT?

Will you manage my patient’s depression/OCD/bipolar treatment?

Why is Spravato considered a breakthrough treatment for TRD?

Do I need to write a prescription or manage any of the Spravato?

How much does treatment cost?

Is Deep TMS for OCD covered by insurance?

Who researches patient benefits and obtains treatment authorization?

What if my patient is not an appropriate candidate or insurance will not cover the treatment?

Will I be informed when my patient makes contact with the Dallas CADT or starts treatment?

What can my patient expect on their first visit?

How long does it take to start treatment?

What am I responsible for?

How long is treatment?

Who sees my patient at their visits?

Who addresses any complications or side effects of treatment after hours?

How is treatment progress monitored?

What updates and communication can I expect?

How long is a patient with TRD treated with Spravato?

In order for Spravato to be approved for MDD with suicidal ideation, is suicidal intent required?

May I discuss a patient before I make a referral?

How do I contact you and/or make a referral?

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