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Testosterone Therapy

What is testosterone replacement therapy?

Testosterone is a natural hormone responsible for the normal growth and development of the male sex organs and for maintenance of other sexual characteristics. Testosterone also has significant Neuropsychiatric effects. Low testosterone levels, also know as hypogonadism or Low T, becomes increasingly more common as men increase in age, and in the last several years men at a younger age are more at risk for unknown reasons.

Symptoms of low testosterone levels often consist of:

  • Decreased Erectile Function and Decreased Libido
  • Dysphoric Mood
  • Decreased Concentration/Focus
  • Generalized Loss of Motivation
  • Reduced Energy
  • Decreased Lean Muscle Mass

These symptoms are often confused with depressive illnesses. People are often more familiar with the role of hormones and mood in women, but this is often overlooked in men. Testosterone Replacement Therapy may help to improve these symptoms when used appropriately.

Men who have a history of prostate or breast cancer, uncontrolled sleep apnea, heart failure or those who have had difficulty conceiving children and are still wishing to retain fertility are not candidates for testosterone replacement.

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