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16479 Dallas Parkway, Suite 310
Addison, Texas 75001


(469) 839-8092

Fill Your Prescriptions Today

Preston Hollow Psychiatry Group and the Dallas CADT are proud to partner with Genoa Healthcare to host a full-service, in-house pharmacy for the convenience of our patients to fill their medications.

Although patients may use any pharmacy they wish to fill their prescriptions, we are providing the on-site pharmacy as a convenience exclusively for our patients.

Services Provided by the Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy:

  • Full-service pharmacy that can fill all of your medications, even those from your primary care physician. Covered by most major insurance plans.
  • No-cost mail delivery services for all your medications, reducing the need to visit the pharmacy.
  • Can assist with transferring prescriptions from other pharmacies. Insurance co-pays will remain the same.
  • Pre-filled pill organizers to help you take the right dose at the right time.
  • A trusting and caring staff to help you with anything that comes up, including pre-authorization and other medicine and insurance questions.
  • Available to answer questions during business hours or through their 24-hour customer service line.

The pharmacy team is focused on serving the needs of those in the behavioral health and substance use disorder communities, as well as those who have complex, chronic conditions. We’re also able to offer competitive pricing for medication not covered by insurance plans.

Learn more about Genoa Healthcare at www.genoahealthcare.com.

The pharmacy is open and the staff is ready to answer your questions – stop by to learn more.

Genoa Healthcare Pharmacy

Monday – Friday
8:30 am – 5:00 pm

Pharmacist: Wilson Vong, PharmD

For questions about which prescription medications are available or other general information, please call (469) 839-8092.

Wilson Vong pharmacist

Meet Our Pharmacist, Wilson Vong

Wilson received his Doctor of Pharmacy degree in 2015 from Midwestern University. His background includes pain management and hospice care. He is passionate about providing the best care for his patients and making sure their medication therapies are optimal.

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